News and Event


Dec. 21st Working with Save the Children

Jun.5th  Beijing United Foundation for China’s Health Became Eligible for Pre-tax Deductions for Philanthropic Donations in 2019

May.25th  40,000 Masks From Algeria at the Beginning of the Pandemic

Mar.26th  Donate Antimicrobial Dressings and Join Hands to Fight the Epidemic

Mar.2oth  Care during the Epidemic – United Family Healthcare Continues to Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

Feb.17th  Ten Non-invasive Ventilators arrived at Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital on February 8th – The Story Behind

Jan.17th  Beijing United Foundation for China’s Health Joined Hands with “Youhujia Mom” to launch the Family Massage Empowerment Program

Jan.3rd  Personal Reflection on Participating in the Wheels for Life Mobile Clinic Voluntary Medical Aid Trip


Nov.23th  Wheels for Life Brings Dental Care to a Migrant School

Nov.20th  UFH Proud Winner in China Social Impact Awards 2019

Nov.13th   Personal Thoughts on Attending 2019 CPAH

Aug.6th   Volunteer Journal: Trip to Jiaozuo Children’s Welfare Home

Jun.28th Wheels for Life Trip to Heng Ai Foster Home

Jun.17th  Patient Advocate Story | Baby Wei

May.31st Tech Empowers Medical Aid – United Foundation for China’s Health

May.15th For Poor Mothers, Let’s Set Out Again

Apr.19th  Beijing UFCH Eligible for Pre-tax Deductions for Donations


Nov.13th  WFL visits little flower foster home

Nov.12th  Disaster Drill at Beijing United Family Hospital

Oct.26th  WFL Mobile Clinic | Tianyi Nursing Nome Visit

Oct.18th   Mental health rehabilitation home visit to Yongning

Aug.6th    Trip to Tang Dian Town – United Family Healthcare & Foundation

Aug.6th    Trip to Liu Shao Township – United Family Healthcare & Foundation

Jul.31st    Trip to Dian Sha Township-United Family Healthcare & Foundation

Feb.9th    One day visit with WFL mobile clinic

Feb.9th    Song Hui’s Story

Feb.2sd    A world without Leprosy


Dec.19th   Early Christmas for Xin Xin

Nov.28th   WFL : Dental Hygiene Trip

Nov.14th   Song’s visit in Beijing

Oct.26th   Hong’s Story

Oct.12th   Han Han's Story

Sep.28th   UFH Visit to Jiaozuo Orphanage

Sep.19th   British Embassy Open Day Healthcare Quiz

Aug.14th   Mengs Story

Aug.3rd    A Lucky Boy

Jul.11th   Fangfangs story

May.10th   Update on Wheels for Life

Jan.1st    A second chance at Life