Capacity Building program


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.



This philosophy encouraged us to improve medical assistance as well as explore more sustainable models of innovative medical assistance in order to empower more people.



As an extension of the Children’s Medical Care Program and the Wheels for Life Program, we have been cooperating with various child welfare institutions and grassroots foster homes to carry out Medical Assistance Empowerment projects. The knowledge of staff in the healthcare field is being enhanced with the help of United Family Healthcare resources. This knowledge and practice in the field helps everyone to better serve orphans, children with disabilities, and people in distress.





United Family Healthcare Family Medicine doctors explain perioperative nutrition to the child care institution staff




(Image) In August 2017, we had nebulizer training for around 30 welfare organizations from 20 different parts of the country. As a result, during the dry winter, many children from the organization were able to have nebulizer therapy at home, reducing the chances of a second infection from hospital.


In 2018, based on medical assistance empowerment and other social needs, we launched a basic first aid skills training program. With the support of donors, the list of beneficiaries has expanded from the above-mentioned institutions to the teachers and students in schools for migrant children, migrant workers, residents in poverty-stricken regions, volunteers and many others.

We hope that through the Medical Assistance Empowerment Program, we will enable more people to help themselves and help others.




Project Progress

Basic first aid training program


Dec. 21st Working with Save the Children

Jan.17th  Beijing United Foundation for China’s Health Joined Hands with “Youhujia Mom” to launch the Family Massage Empowerment Program


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Oct.18th   Mental health rehabilitation home visit to Yongning