Fang Fang’s Story

Fang Fang, a 21-year-old from the Henan province, underwent medical evaluation and diagnosis in the Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital with the help of sponsors and the United Foundation for China’s Health.

Fang Fang is currently staying in the Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital to improve his condition. During his stay, he has received various treatments such as moxibustion (a traditional Chinese medicine therapy) and physical therapy.

With UFCH’s support, Fang Fang was admitted to the United Family Rehabilitation Hospital for medical evaluation and diagnosis.

As for hobbies, he enjoys reading books, watching TV and playing a card game called “Go”. He has great affinity for psychology and Chinese history books. He especially loves to watch soccer on TV.

Comparison of Fang Fang’s old and current wheelchair

In the future, Fang Fang wishes to find a way to express himself. Having spent much of his childhood in a Catholic church, he currently wishes to be involved in priesthood in the future to express himself. UFCH is now attempting to raise funds to purchase two items that can benefit Fang Fang significantly. The first is an electric wheelchair. UFCH has already ordered a customized  wheelchair that is ergonomic for Fang Fang’s needs. Second, UFCH wishes to purchase a laptop for him to support his desire to study psychology and history. We as an organization are glad and grateful for this opportunity to support Fang Fang.