Song’s visit in Beijing

The Orphanage has been a partner of UFCH since mid-2017. Back in August, we had our first Foundation Patient from this Orphanage, Meng, who had been living in a world of silence for seventeen years. UFCH helped Meng get tests and examinations done to improve his hearing and is still being treated under UFCH’s Children Medical Care Program as one of our Foundation Patients. Strengthening the bond between the Orphanage and UFCH Maggie, UFCH Director of programs, ran in the charity run organized by the orphanage this year which was when she met Song, who also grew up in this Orphanage.  
Song is 23 years old, has been part of the orphanage since he was 2 years old. He is partially blind and requires surgery on his cornea to improve his eye-sight. He ran in the charity marathon this year, which is when Maggie met him and knew instantly that there was a way UFCH could help him. He came to Beijing for a checkup and will be undergoing his surgery soon, we are excited to see how the surgery will improve his run next year.
After a lovely lunch and check up in the hospital with the specialist doctor we found some time to sit down with Song and ask him some questions about his life.
How long have you been living in the orphanage?
For more than 20 years
Did you enjoy running the marathon this year? What is your biggest challenge that you had?
I really enjoy running, its difficult to express how I feel but it’s a mix of freedom and feeling relaxed. This year I ran 4 KM in 30 minutes during the charity run.
What is your favorite hobby?
I love music, I don’t just listen to music but I also sing and DJ, however, I have difficulty reading so sometimes I also enjoy cleaning my room as a hobby while listening to music
You sang beautifully for us in the auditorium, what is your favorite song and who is your favorite singer?
I love romantic love songs, every romantic song. My Favorite song is “Little Apple” song and my favorite singer is YiXin
What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is fried noodles, cooked at the orphanage, they are so delicious!
Are you excited about being in Beijing right now?
I have been to Beijing quite often, this is not my first time and I enjoy coming here every single time but the hotel rooms are so expensive!!!!
Do you know when your surgery will be? Are you excited or scared?
My surgery will be in the coming January. The doctor said today during the checkup that they need to reduce the pressure in my eyes first and have given me eye drops and other antibiotics to prepare myself for the surgery. I can only see from the corner of my eyes because I have corneal opacity. The surgery will try to remove the white spots that are covering my vision.I am a bit shy and scared of the surgery and hope that everything will go well, but of course, I am also excited and happy about this opportunity to help me improve my vision again.
We look forward to seeing Song in January again and hope that the surgery will go well so that Song can live a more normal and fuller life.