松会,愿你的世界更清晰 | Song Hui’s Story

“I can finally see the sky!
The sky is so bright!The sky is so blue……
                                                                           — Song Hui

Song Hui is an orphaned young man from Hebei Province Daming County, who suffered from white spots in the eyes since childhood and his vision was worsening day by day.  After the staffs of the United Foundation of China’s Health met Song Hui, they contacted the doctors of United Family Hospital.Dr. Wang Lan and a specialist from Tongren Hospital performed the operation for Song Hui.  Due to fear of unpredictable conditions, they performed corneal transplantation for one eye first. The operation was successful. His preoperative visual acuity was 0.01, and postoperative visual acuity increased to 0.1.Majority of the expenses of the preoperative examinations and the surgery is covered by the United Foundation for China’s Health, while the expense of the tranplanted cornea is donated by caring people and funded by the orphanage where Song Hui is from.


Song Hui’s first discharge review on January 23 was completed, the recovery was very good, the result of the surgery is significant, but he would still be on eye drops. He had a second review on February 5. This time he could see more. At the same time, he also became more extrovert and more confident.

Earlier when we talked to him on a phone call, Song Hui was very excited and said: “I can finally see the sky, the sky is so bright and the sky is so blue –” ForSong Hui, it seems that he had found a new world. He is very happy! Staffs of his orphanage told us:”Song Hui is somewhat introvert, with lack of confidence.” It might have been because of the hazy world he used to see. However, with the increase of vision, we believe he will become more bright and more cheerful.

Lets wish him a brighter world and a brighter future.


Written byDora Sun & Cynthia Zhou & Aaron ShaoVolunteers United Foundation For China’s HealthInternational High School Students