Wheels for Life : Dental Hygiene Trip

The Wheels for Life bus took a trip to a migrant school in Beijing last Saturday to provide the children with dental check-ups. There were approximately fifty children that signed up for it and surprisingly some of them had never seen a dentist before.
Due to the unfavorable weather condition and lack of heated classrooms, we had to perform the exams inside of the bus. It was recommended that many of the kids go see an additional dentist to get work done. While our dentist, Dr. John, was doing check-ups, one of the patient advocates recorded the information. The hygienist, Elisabeth, and some of the volunteers did an activity to teach the children how to floss their teeth.
It was made possible to provide these families with dental assistance thanks to the help of Dr. John, Elisabeth, their three children and the volunteers.
Wheel’s for Life will continue to take trips to provide dental and health care to underprivileged populations due to the support that the foundation receives! Thank you for your trust and support in us!