Hong’s Story

Today was the three-week post-surgery checkup for Little Hong and we were very excited to see how Hong was doing. Before surgery Little Hong was not very active as he struggled to see out of both of his eyes. After his eye transplant surgery for his right eye on the 26th September things are looking much better for him. During this checkup, the doctor said, much to our delight, that his cornea has cleared up and he seems to be making a very good recovery.
He couldn’t hold himself back from smiling at any little movement he was able to see such as the face of the patient advocate or light from the window in his checkup room. The next step is for us to keep an eye out on his progress. If everything continues to go well in a month the doctor will start planning out his next surgery for his left eye.  We hope every checkup turns out as bright as this one and are looking forward to seeing his smile next time he visits the hospital!