Early Christmas for Xin Xin

Can you believe that this is little Xin Xin? Smiling from ear to ear and enjoying the Christmas feeling in full swing.
Xin Xin spend 4 days at BJU this November for a Glaucoma surgery which was done by Dr. Wang Lan.
His caregivers at Bethel Nursery described him as a shy boy who rarely speaks. Which is why we are so happy to receive this very cute video update of Xin Xin singing this adorable song, even the caregivers were surprised by his upbeat mood. We are relieved to see that the surgery is already helping Xin Xin live a better life and reducing the pain and pressure he must have felt before.
In contrast to him after his surgery in November, we see now an extremely happy Xin Xin helping to deck the halls with boughs of holly and Christmas décor as the countdown to Christmas Day is now less than a week away!