40,000 Masks From Algeria at the Beginning of the Pandemic

By Beijing United Foundation for China’s Health

Early 2020, to respond to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Beijing United Foundation for China’s Health received a donation of medical surgical masks produced in Algeria which are entirely financed by Madam GAO Shan, an overseas Chinese citizen. According to the donor, Mrs. Gao, the donation went through difficulties, and two local Algerian employees of the Chinese Railway Construction Corporation offered their strong support as volunteers. One of them is Samir Boumedous, a former geological engineer in the BBA -Thenia Railway project department of the CCECC Algeria Ltd, the other one is a geological engineer of CRCC Ltd Algeria.


In the second half of January 2020, as the pandemic situation worsened, China, followed by other Asian, European and American countries, were hit by medical supplies shortage. The donor

Mrs. Gao, immediately entrusted Samir, who just returned to Algerian city Constantine from China, with the task of searching for medical masks meeting medical needs, and Samir immediately asked his friend in Algeria to do the search at the same time. The two volunteers acted in their respective cities, quickly contacting numerous pharmacies, retailers and wholesalers. Through the full-time communication between the two volunteers, Mrs. Gao and the foundation, supplies of medical surgical masks meeting Chinese technical quality requirements have been located. The donor exchanged currency online, and the volunteers directly withdrew the corresponding amount in dinars, the local currency. With the fastest speed, Samir and the other volunteer paid, picked everything up and delivered through DHL to the Beijing UFCH a total of 40,050 masks worth close to 100,000 RMB (transportation expenses included).

During the crucial period of Chinese people’s fight against novel coronavirus pandemic, these masks were delivered on time to the 39 medical institutions and voluntary organizations listed below and helped several social workers, caregivers of disabled children/orphans, seniors with no family, medical staff and floating population to go through the hardest times.













Here, on behalf of all recipients, the Beijing UFCH expresses sincere gratitude towards the donor Madam GAO Shan and the two Algerian volunteers for their dedication during this donation.


On the road of the fight against the pandemic, we are united to help each other.