WFL Visits Little Flower Foster Home

The Playground

This week our Mobile Clinic left United Family Hospital to reach Little Flower Foster Home, in Beijing suburbs. The Foundation, committed in helping poor and needy children, wants to make its voice heard, telling them that they are not alone.

The place is charming, away from the chaotic city. It is set in a Beijing’s suburban area, Shunyi District, which is very peaceful and silent, perfect for a healthcare facility. The structure has both outdoor and indoor playground, safe rooms, clean bathrooms and a sandy area too. The nurses also are very careful and devoted; they never leave the children and as one of them needs help them immediately rush to their aid. They take care of them with special medical apparels, such as oxygenators or respirators. They of course make them play or do some recreative activities: that’s why the children are very happy, even if they have very tough problems.

The Doctors visiting the children

Essentially, the purpose of the visit was giving aid and advice. The Foster Home services is good but, as the children have severe and rare illnesses (the most of them not totally curable), it needs a professional consultation. The doctors visited the children detecting their vitals and measuring. Additionally, they asked plenty of questions about the parent’s clinical history, since most of the cases concern genetic illnesses. As a matter of fact, this kind of precision is required because some of the children need a surgery or other treatment such as transfusion or pharmaceutical prescriptions. So, they analysed them case by case trying to outline a proper healing process.

The doctors analyzing the cases

Hopefully, thanks to our medical support, we can give these children the chance to survive and live a better life. This is Foundation’s mission.

Develop healthcare for children.

We are in action.