Meng’s Story

For nearly 17 years, Meng has lived in a world of silence. Given these circumstances, he grew up to become both a timid and meticulous boy. The only way that Meng is able to hear anything at all is through his audioearpieces. Unfortunately, one of these earpieces is too uncomfortable to evenuse and the other has broken down.

Today Meng came to the Beijing United Family Hospital to have an ENT examination with Dr. Mo. According to Dr. Mo, audio earpieces are not a suitable option for Meng seeing as the audio levels in his ears are far below a normal range. Instead, Dr. Mo has suggested that we continue examining Meng to see if it would be possible to create an artificial cochlea for him. Meng is now going to receive an MRI, CT scan, and ENT examination to see if this could be a plausible situation for him. As timid as Meng is, when the doctor asked him what he likes to do he sat up and pretended to play on a computer. The guardian accompanying Meng added that he loves to do handwork in his spear time. The nurses, doctors, and volunteers at the appointment were all very pleased to see how responsive and animated Meng was during the appointment!

The MRI scanning process came with some difficulties. The doctor conducting the scan wrote a note for Meng explaining the situation so that he would understand how to behave throughout the examination. While Meng cooperated, he quickly became nervous during the MRI scan as he began getting a headache from laying within a closed space without a single movement for solong. The doctors, nurses, and volunteers encouraged and reassured him, and after taking a break the MRI scan continued and Meng was able to confidently sit still. After the test Meng’s legs were in pain and heneeded help walking. The nurses helped Meng to resettle, and his smile showed that he felt both loved and at ease.

After the examinations and appointments were finished, Meng left the hospital with a feeling of hope that he had not had for a long time. We are all wishing Meng the best throughout the rest of his appointments, and we cannot wait to see what these health services will do for his hearing!

Healing Brings Hope