A Lucky Boy

There is an eleven-year old boy named Zhihong in a children’s foster in Shun Yi district. He was abandoned by his parents because he was born with limb spasm,and was sent to the Orphanage where he lives now. But at least he is lucky,he is going to be adopted by an American family and start a new life. Some volunteers, a director and his team went and interviewed him and also recorded a VCR yesterday.

P.S.This pictureis about the president of the UFH,MS.Bijing Li,helping Zhihong to continue a teletherapy with an American doctor.

Zhihong is an outgoing and naughty boy. He will play jokes with other people sometimes. Like other 11-year-olds, he loves puzzles and models, especially the LEGO plane models. And also, he loves to watch cartoons that have an educational meaning, such asthe Big Teams make great achievements and so on. He talked with the director who has a child the same age as he is, they talked merrily about the characters and the things that had happened in the cartoon, and this surely raised the interest of Zhi Hong. In the meantime, he also knows how to work with a computer. The people in the orphanage had invited somebody to give him a course about usingthe computer. Of course, Zhi Hong is very clever, within a short time, he has known all the basic things about the computer and can even do some research and other things that the teacher hadn’t taught him yet. In the nurses’ words, “he is the best child in playing on the computer here”.

However, walking is a bit difficult for him.Because he can’t walk with his feet, he can only use his knees to walk, which would surely do some damage to that part of his body if he continued to walk on his knees.Even providing him with soft-padding in the area would not protect him from damage, so he was equipped with a wheelchair and a small skateboard. When he goes out, he sits on the wheelchair, and when he is indoors, he uses the skateboard to move around.This reduced the riskof damaging his knees.

He has been receiving treatment these past years. Every couple of month he comes to UFH for a check up. As swimming is also a kind of treatment,he even swims in the hospitals swimming pool. At the beginning, he was afraid of water, and now he loves and expects to come and swim. Although he has to wear a rescue circle around him, this could help him stretch his arms and legs. By doing this, his arms and legs become stronger and can do some basic things that are easy. For instance, drawing and writing. He can draw very well, and his painting is full of the tastes of art that can show a thing out attractively. He also spent time remembering some English words and can spell and write down some basic words fluently. We can say that, although he has a natural disease, he has never stopped, he is always trying.

At last, let us give our blessing to him, wishing he could get used to his new home, and also live better in the future.